32x32 processing resolution


CubeFlow is a software application to create and explore complex volumetric structures in realtime 3D using motion data. Its main purpose is primarily indended to be a tool for visual arts and procedural content creation. Acting as an environment for interactive generative arts, CubeFlow allows for multiple applications that reach from interactive visual performance and installation to the creation of complex 3D models.

Interactive Installation

3D Sculptures

CubeFlow offers a completely new way to easily generate artistic content for 3D printing. With a few further editing steps you can prepare your CubeFlow sculpture for 3D printing and be part of a magic transformation: A real solid object was created from motions in time. CubeFlow helps you to materialize changes in time!



CubeFlow is available in three versions (Workstation, Desktop, Mobile):

  • High-performance graphics application using Visual Computing Technologies to process high resolutions with up to 18 million points in realtime.
  • Desktop PC version with medium processing resolution that uses Intel RealSense Technology for gesture control.
  • Mobile app version (currently for iOS only, but Android should be available in 2014 as well) that is optimized for mobile devices.

Give it a try and download the app for free! Desktop and workstation versions are not yet publicly available, please use the contact form if you want to use CubeFlow software on these platforms for a special purpose.


sculptures from motion